Hej Vsi!

It’s that time again to pack my stuff up, write my blog, and leave yet another country. This place is so gorgeous, no pictures could capture it’s true beauty.
Sarah and Ryan have been so great to us. We truly couldn’t have asked for better people to host us.

Each country has brought different challenges, lessons, and work. During our time here it was important that we didn’t measure our “success” based on how many people accepted Jesus. It was important that we measured it by being faithful to the Lord and planting seeds in people that Sarah, Ryan, Joan, and Randy will keep watering. We’ve met some many amazing people who in such a heavy populated culture of Catholic religion choose to follow Jesus and declare the Christian Faith. They know they could be kicked out of the home they’re in, lose friends, or get looked down on yet still choose to be bold.
I’ve had real heart changes happen in this country. This is off the track but I’ve had time to process through the things the Lord has been speaking to me about and the coolest revelation about who He is as a father.
Before the trip and in most of my life I’ve had deep rooted hurt from various things that have happened to me and had a feeling of impurity. I just had no feeling of my heart being whole. Since Thailand the Lord has just been working on me and He has given me the sense of purity and a child like heart again. Like I told Hannah, “it’s like I have a child heart again. I can just feel my heart whole and put back together.”
That had nothing to do with Slovenia but I felt like I needed to share that for someone to hear.
If y’all could lift Slovenia up in your prayers and the missionaries here I have some things to pray for-
That the people who have came to know Christ would mature in their faith and see a need to be serious about the relationship with the church.
For Sarah and Ryan- that the Lord will bless them with funds for a new vehicle.
And for the Slovene community in general that they will gain a curiosity and want to know more about Christ.

We head to our last stop tomorrow morning-
Please continue to cover us in prayers for physical, mental, and spiritual strength and protection.

Much love,




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