“Spend plenty of time with God; let other things go, but don’t neglect Him.” – J. Oswald Sanders

This quote comes from the bible study Hannah and I have been doing on the trip. This really stands out as I reflect on our day. Today we had the opportunity to go visit the grandmother of one of the kids from Lulwanda. To give you a picture of what life here is like in the village, I’ll describe the conditions. On our way into the village, we passed the one water source for the whole village. A few football fields’ length later, we arrived at the place to meet Daisy’s grandmother. She is a 70 something year-old woman who is blind and lives alone. Daisy, who is now age 4, used to be her caretaker before she was rescued. When we arrived, Daisy’s grandmother was praying as she does every day. When she got word that we had come and brought Daisy to visit, she was full of excitement. She was praising God out loud as we walked and in the middle of conversation as she felt led, because she is so thankful that God has provided a life for Daisy, and has heard her prayers. The intensity of her joy struck me as I sat in her house and imagined what it would be like to be her. She lives in a hut made of mud, and is not guaranteed food each day, or someone to lead her to the water source. Yet, she kept thanking us for loving her granddaughter, and kept openly praising God with singing and dancing because He has provided for her… As I reflect on this experience, I see that this is a testimony to the quote above, and to the Bible study we’ve been doing. Joy in the Lord is so much deeper than temporary satisfaction that comes from earthly possessions or comfort. And joy in the Lord will continue to satisfy our souls regardless of whether circumstances are as we prefer them. I encourage you to root your focus in the joy of the Lord when circumstances aren’t ideal and become hard.
Aside from the days and all my time spent at Lulwanda with the kids who have completely captured my heart, we climbed the mountain near Mbale to see the waterfall. The time here has been far way too short for my heart. I don’t think I could ever be ready to leave. The Lord has richly blessed me by allowing me to be here. Even though leaving is going to be heart wrenching, I’m resting in the fact that He will still continue to keep them in his arms and safe.
To my family back at home- clear out rooms for me because I have suitcases full of kids lol.. Just kidding, but I wish. I love you all!
Full of love,
Aut ❤DSCN0318.JPGDSC00633.JPG





2 thoughts on “Uganda

  1. This made me cry ….. not sad tears but happy ones…. I am so overwhelmed by what God is doing in you and thru you. And those pictures are def worth a thousand words.
    You are so right, we do need to focus on the joy of who God is and where he has brought us from not our current circumstances. U can absolutely have that Grandmothers kind of Joy when to others it looks bleak. She knows where she would be if it weren’t for her God.
    God bless her and those precious children.
    I also pray blessing and peace for you as I know it cannot be easy to leave, not just because of the connections you’ve made but your heart and your call is out there ministering….. but no worries girl, God’s got a lot more for you. Love hearing about all the adventures he is taking you on.
    Love you girl,


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