Hiiii guys!

Wow.. we leave for the airport to head to Uganda in an hour and a half. The time here has come and gone faster than I ever thought it would. This place has exceeded my expectations. Bill and Susie have as well. The hospitality, warming hearts, and family atmosphere was above and beyond for my heart. Can’t forget about Elysa- she’s from Australia, and here on a three month leave teaching at the local hilltop english school. She’s the sweetest and ill forever cherish the friendship we created in such a short amount of time.

While here we did many different projects, but what we spent most of our time doing is connecting and being with the kids around here. Bill and Susie have a foundation called Shoulder 2 Shoulder. They have taken in kids from the mountains who want to go further in their education. They have 8 girls, and 8 boys who live here currently. Each unique in their own way with many talents. These kids cook some of the BEST food ever and I could eat it for every meal lol. Side note- the coffee and food is going to be just as missed. You’ve never had good coffee until you’ve had it from the mountains of thailand.

Throughout my time here the Lord has shown me a lot about my personal life and the way he loves us as sons + daughters. In my life, I’ve found myself at times fixating my eyes on my desires and the things I want rather than what the Lord would have for me because it’s scary for me to think where he might have me go or what I would have to give up to go there. BUT- during our bible study this week we learned that if we would just fixate our eyes on his desires he won’t take us further than where he knows we can stand and that we will have the ultimate blessing in the end. That ties in with his love for us- he chooses to love us no matter what, so it’s only due to him for us to listen and follow the call.

I have many more stories and things I could share, but I don’t have enough time. So again, catch me when I’m home but this time not for coffee because if it’s not thailand coffee I don’t want it lol.

Please remember Hannah and I as we embark on our next journey that we would continue to be safe and healthy. Also that we would continue to grow in him.

Love you all,













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