First stop: Hong Kong

Hey everyone!!!

This past week in Hong Kong has been immensely eye opening in so many ways. I can’t go into much detail about the work we’ve been doing here, but the mission at hand has been to get Christian material to the people in China. Its challenging in many aspects but so rewarding. It’s amazing how the Lord has placed us here for such a time as this. Pairing up and getting to know, invest, and intercede for the long term missionaries here has been a blessing in itself as well. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that the Lord is sovereign and in complete control. It seems so cliche to say that because it’s something we all say we know, but I truly can grasp it now by the way he has His hand in and over China.

Aside from that, Hannah and I have gotten to see so much new culture and meet northern Irish gals. In our free time we’ve explored Hong Kong, practiced accents, ate delicious food- aside from the chicken feet, shopped till we dropped, and have had wonderful fellowship with friends. There are so many things I could go on about that I don’t have enough time to write about, so catch me when I’m home so you can hear about this beautiful place.

Hong Kong and China have captured my heart in so many ways. It’s truly a beautiful place to be and I’m ready to come back already. I haven’t even left yet lol. Here are some ways to be praying-
For hannah and I- that the Lord will continue to keep a hedge of protection around our minds. That we will be open to anything the Lord will call us to do. And for general things- homesick being kept at bay, health, and safety.

For the long term missionaries- to be kept under the radar and blend in, safety of visas, mentally, spiritually, and physically realms. The needs are much more greater but I’ll share all of that when I get home as they need to be kept safe.

Miss you and Love you all so much.
Dad and grandpa- Happy Father’s Day
Mom- haus is still surviving lol. I know you’re freaking out.

Talk soon,

Xoxo- Aut




3 thoughts on “First stop: Hong Kong

  1. So so proud of you girl 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear more of what’s goin on
    Prayers for covering, blessing, & revelation
    God is good
    Love u❤️


  2. We are all praying for you and we know that the work you have gone there to do will be accomplished for those you reach as welll as for you


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